Курсы 19-01-2018

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     OJSC "Agroinvestbank" announces re-tender for the sale of the car:

     Mercedes-Benz, license plate 41-97E 01 RT, year of manufacture 1995, silver color, engine number 11194200003044, number WDB2100351F027578, the residual value on 31.12.2014, the 11908 TJS.

     Due to the fact that the car has not been sold in the first tender, according to the established order, its price reduced by 10 per cent of the residual value, and installed 10,717 (ten thousand seven hundred and seventeen) TJS.

     Each participant can participate in the tender and submit offer for the purchase of a car in written form, but not exceeding the set value.

     Offers will be accepted in sealed envelopes in the Department of Accounting and Control (room №201, Muhabatovoy M.) until February 16 2015. The opening of the envelopes will take place on February 17, 2015, with the participation of members of the Committee of expenditure management and property of the Bank under the Management Board of JSC "Agroinvestbank" (tel.: 2-36-66-98).

     The car will be sold to participant, which offered the highest price. in case of refusal, tendered car will be sold to another party, offer the greatest amount.

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